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We know the complexity and stress that video games developers face, which is why we want to remove the burden of promoting your game and let you focus on perfecting your craft.

We’re not like the marketing agencies, we don’t hide our work behind packaged fees like black magic. We do black-and-white, performance-based pricing where you only pay for the results we provide. If we can’t get a win-win solution for you, you won’t pay a penny! No vanity metrics, no misleading figures; just agreed-upon, meaningful KPI’s that get you effective results.

Promoting your game is our aim and our game is digital marketing.

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NO SUIT MARKETING offers a range of tailored services for marketing your video game:

♠ Content

Content is King? Position your Queen – checkmate.

Content Marketing is a long-term strategy for building relationships which drive profitable customer action, through the production and distribution of high-value content that is relevant to your target audience and is delivered in a consistent fashion. For games, typical content marketing campaigns include developer diaries (blogs) and game trailers (video).

E-mail Marketing aims to build loyalty and encourage repeat business by the distribution of highly-relevant and well-timed marketing messages among select groups of individuals who may be either current or lapsed customers as well as new prospects. For games, typical campaigns focus on those early-adopters who sign up to your mailing list before release as well as current and lapsed customers you’ll want to target when your DLC/expansion is ready.

♥ Social

Close your mouth shut and keep your ears wide open.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the tactic of sharing content among social networks with the aim of increasing your brands’ exposure and reach among your target audience. The best SMM strategies for games focus on keeping your community engaged in a way that builds trust with your brand, not those with a focus on pushing sales.

Social Listening means monitoring your channels to ensure that the critical feedback your customers share online provides insights into attitudes, behaviours and opportunities which you can act upon. Many games companies fail to monitor, understand or react reasonably to their audiences feedback so the best campaigns make use of specialist tools and knowledge to make the most of these opportunities.

♣ Search

Build it and they won’t come.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a methodology of strategies and tactics you can employ on- and off-page to increase your websites ranking and visibility when customers use search engines. While this may not initially seem important for the medium of games, it becomes apparent when you consider how important it is that your game is found among the deluge of product releases. This means optimising your games to appear in front of customers at their chosen store-front, be it a digital distribution platform or a search engine.

♦ Ads

The most powerful element in advertising is the truth.

Search Engine Advertising (SEA) – commonly called Pay-Per-Click (PPC) – is a model through which you can purchase ads with search engines to drive traffic to your website when users show intent or interest towards a particular product, service or topic. Ads are an important part of a successful game marketing campaign because of how targeted your approach to advertising can be.

Display Ads are used to create awareness when users are browsing sites and this can be used to stimulate demand or retargeting potential customers – both your own and your competitors. While not all games benefit from them, they are controllable, adaptable and their results measurable, which gives your product’s exposure while the majority of your competitors are still relying on customers chancing across theirs.

Social Media Ads are similar to display ads in that they’re shown passively within the platform, but different in that they create an opportunity for new customers to find you based on their interests and online behaviours, which can be targeted with granularity. This level of control can greatly benefit game marketing campaigns whose audience spend most of their online time on these platforms and aren’t necessarily found within the more hardcore gaming spheres.

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